Could these be your new go-to blushers?

The Candy Blush range has been a hit at The Beauty Closet for some time now but why does everyone love them so much?

The collection includes 4 gorgeous shades ranging from natural nudes to party pinks, perfect for any occasion and anyone. Not only are the smooth formulas easy to apply but they are also really easy to blend out and bring a healthy colour to the face. This range is the dupe for Bourjois blushes and in my opinion are the more affordable version with the same product inside. Personally, I cannot live without my perfect go-to blusher and I hope that is post helps you find your holy grail blush too.

Galactic Blush

Being my favourite of the collection, I think I may be biased to this gorgeous colour as although I cannot live without a blush, I can be very boring when it comes to bright shades. If you’re like me, you will LOVE this blush. I can only describe this shade as perfectly pink due to the colour intensity being very delicate whilst still being bold enough to create a nice glow on the cheeks. I would only recommend this colour for a daytime look as I would not say that it is not strong enough to go with a night-time look due to its very natural appearance. If you’re new to blushes definitely pick up a Galactic as this colour will go with most make-up looks you are trying to achieve and is soft enough to ease you in before you go blush crazy.

Rating: 7/10

What’s missing: Although this is my favourite shade, it just may not have enough intensity to be able to be the best all-round colour and some may find it too natural.

Favourite feature of the product: Softness of the colour intensity, very natural and versatile for most looks.


Explosion Blush

The next blush in the range is Explosion, and with its slightly more vibrant, peachy undertone, I can see why it is the best selling blush of the lot. This blush would be the one that I would recommend for the more confident make-up artists who like to create more “out there” looks. Although less natural than Galactic, this blush is very adaptable to whatever you may be trying to achieve, for example: building it up can create a more dramatic look but you could also lightly buff some powder over the top to bring it closer to a natural shade. This is another thing that I really love about this collection is how easily you can take the same shade from day to night by just applying more or less. This colour would be most suitable shade for most people as it is definitely the most versatile of them all.

Rating: 9.5/10

What’s missing: Although it’s not what I look for in a blusher, the scent of the product could be slightly more appealing, but that’s just being picky and I have to have at least one criticism ;)

Favourite feature of the product: The perfect peachy undertone is sure to bring out any warmth that can be found in the rest of the make-up – the perfect summer shade.


Orion blush.

This blush is what I like the call the experimental shade. Although it is not my cup of tea to wear personally, I love to use this on the clients that are brave enough to let me. This blush is straight out coral and is the deepest of the collection, which is it’s best attribute yet also it’s downfall. I call this one the experimental shade as there is plenty of trial and error with its compatibility with most looks. This is not a colour to be played with as takes so slight planning when putting it with certain eye looks, for example: due to its blatant coral pigment, I would not recommend pairing this colour with anything too pink otherwise you may end up looking like a My Little Pony (unless that’s what your in to, then by all means use to your heart’s content). Overall I would recommend this shade for the more experienced and creative of you guys and I encourage you to own it!

Rating: Personally for myself, 5/10, for anyone who likes more intense make-up styles: 10/10.

What’s missing: The others blushes have a slight hint of sparkle which makes them look really pretty but I find that the colour of this one overpowers anything else, which could also happen to your make-up look that you’ve worked so hard on if not taken seriously :P.

Favourite feature of the product: The confidence that can be worn with this shade, if you got it , you need to go for it with this one.


Angel Dust Blush

Last but certainly not least is the most fun shade of them all. Angel Dust is the perfect Barbie pink and definitely most vibrant of them all. The blush was meant for the most dramatic, night time looks and will give you the perfect doll-like cheeks. I wouldn’t recommend this for the aspiring make-up artists as this may be a little too much to take first of all but this would be perfect for those who like their make-up to be noticed. Unlike the others, this colour is not very versatile and cannot be toned down as it will always have the bright pink colouring to it, saying that, I feel like if you’re still liking the sound of this blush, you’re probably not going to want to tone it down at all. This shade is the marmite of the whole collection. You will love it if you want a VERY dramatic dolly look but if you’re into more of a natural, everyday make-up style then I would avoid this one… for now.

Rating: 8/10

What’s missing: The only technical issue I have with this blusher is the lack of versatility that comes with it, it is not really buildable and there would be no point in attempting to tone it down, you gotta’ go all out with this one!

Favourite feature of this product: The colour intensity, without question this blush has the nicest colour payoff of them all and although the shade isn’t for everyone, everyone make-up lover has to respect the vibrancy.


After closely reviewing the whole Candy Blush collection, I hope that my opinion helps you to decide which blush would best suit you and which one you will fall in love with (much like my love affair with the Galactic blush). Now it’s down to you guys, so… which blush will make you blush? X

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