What tanning product is best for me?


When it comes to sun bed lotions there are plenty of options to choose from, but the big question is what are the big differences between them all?

Before we can answer that question, we have to ask, why should I use one?

Sunbed lotions keep your skin hydrated whilst in the sunbed, it keeps the skin from drying out, meaning you will get a better and longer lasting tan. It’s important to moisturise after using sunbeds. Dry skin starts to flake meaning your losing that colour you’ve been working so hard to obtain. It is also important to remember sunbed lotions do not protect you from the UV rays and doesn’t protect you from burning. So use a sunbed in moderation. Burning your skin doesn’t create a long lasting colour and is very damaging to the skin. Once you’ve burnt, your skin is do dehydrated it will begin to peel, meaning all the colour is just fading away.


Radically Hemp

This lotion is great for beginners; it is a ‘Gelee Accelerator.’ If you’re not up to date with your tanning lingo that just means it’s packed with dark Tanning Omega Oils provide a natural, rich, deep dark colour and it’s creamy so it’s easy to absorb into the skin. It’s easy to apply, just give an even coverage over the body. As it contains no bronzing products it’s pretty much impossible to go streaky. This formula is the UK’s number 1 sunbed selling product, and I can see why. It also contains a small amount of Unipertan which accelerates tanning of the skin and also helps to increase tan intensity.

It has an almond smell and smells great after the tanning session. This is great to give you a healthy sun kissed glow and to help build a base tan for those just starting out. As it’s creamy it goes a long way. However after a few application you will notice it will keep your colour but won’t help get much more darker.

That said this product is great for those wishing to obtain and keep and sun kissed glow.

Available in a large bottle, sachet and refillable tub.

Smell 7/10 - Colour change 6/10 – Applying 9/10

Overall 8/10


Instantly Black

This one isn’t for the inexperienced. It contains Ultra Dark Black 50XX DHA bronzers that provides deep, dark colour that continues to develop after UV exposure, it also contains cosmetic Bronzers that provide instant colour. I wore a white top the day I tried this, big mistake, I had brown marks all over my top, so wear a dark colour when using this one. As it has a lot of bronzer it’s important to give an evan coverage otherwise you might end up streaky. Its leaves you feeling slightly oily after, but smells incredible and leaves a strong fragrance after tanning for a long time. It smells a lot like cherry Blakwell's, so thats great if you like sweet smells.Downside is that it can leave you with orange palms.

As it has powerful tan accelerators featuring Tyrosine it helps skin prepare for maximum colour potential and will get you very dark, after one use it was very noticeable colour change, personally I loved this, however, you will need a towel when using this product to pat yourself down otherwise sweaty brown beads will be everywhere. If you don’t feel comfortable using a bronzing lotion, this isn’t for you, if you want to be as dark as possible then use this. I recommend a good base colour before using this.

Smell 9/10 - Colour change 9/10 – Applying 6/10

Overall 9/10


Irresistibly tan

This product is Paraben free. Paraben is a chemical that can be found in a lot of cosmetic products as a preservative; but some researchers believe Paraben is linked to Breast cancer and testicular cancer; however these studies are in very early stages and worth keeping an eye on. Irresistibly Tan has a strong coconut scent that is very long lasting, the scent isn’t over powering but did last until the following morning. It cream itself was easy to rub in and continued to bust with a great fragrance.

This lotion is packed with botanical oils that not only help inject extra vitamins into the skin but help retain colour. It leaves the skin feeling silky, although if you use too much in one go, it can feel greasy instead. That said when showering the next morning I could still feel the product on my skin, thus keeping my skin moisturised all night.

I haven’t didn’t see much instant colour change but can grantee constant use of this cream will leave you looking like you’ve come back after a week in Ibiza.

Smell 9/10 – Colour change 8/10 - Applying 2/10

Overall 7.5/10


Simply Dark

On opening the packet I noticed the odd fragrance; it smells of a mix of mango and plasticine. This isn’t a great combo and does slightly smell like that on the skin after tanning, but I may have been a bit paranoid to be honest. Simply dark was very hard to rub in to the skin, after a few minutes I was becoming a bit irritated by how long it was taking, however if I was to use this product regularly I would have to master the art of the rub.

This lotion has a lot of benefits, it contains Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Mango Seed Butter that help hydrate the skin, and this is perfect for those with delicate skin who wish to obtain a deep brazened colour. It does contain a small amount of DHA bronzing ingredient that carried on developing after tanning. It also contain a blend featuring Tyrosine helps skin prepare for maximum colour potential.

Over all I didn’t really enjoy using this, but it is perfect for those who have fair skin or skin conditions who wish to obtain colour.

Smell 4/10 – Colour change 6/10 - Applying 2/10

Overall 5/10


Bodaciously Black

This is a weird one. First thing I thought when I put the lotion in my hand was that it was an exfoliator, but in fact these are ‘super black bronzer balls’ these provide a bust of colour on the skin, and they really do. After using this once I noticed a huge difference. That being said this was incredibly hard to rub evenly into the skin, that I ended giving up, so when I went into the sunbed I was very streaky, but after tanning I was an even brown.

Not only that this comes with an Age Defying Anti-Oxidants that claims to offers fuller looking skin, that I cannot comment on just yet as i believe this is after regular use.

The fragrance is quite sweet and smells a lot like cookies, this isn’t over powering and didn’t last long.

I’m sure if you was to use this product to regular you could go slightly orange as it has bronzing beads and DHA Bronzing ingredient.

I enjoyed using this one once in the bed but I cannot see myself using it to frequently, but perfect before a night out. Word of warning, do not wear light colours after using this until you are completely dry

Smell 7/10 – Colour change 10/10 - Applying 1/10

Overall 6/10

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